Getoffurass is organising a trip called Andaman Adventure. The trip is slated for February 14, 2010. The trip, say the organisers, is planned to keep one away from the tourist map and to explore the hidden treasures in the most unexploited of islands and faraway seas.

Participants will explore initial days in a research base hiking, canoeing and camping on islands with researchers. The rest of the journey will take one through many unexplored areas, which are tourist-free, which include trekking to the highest point Saddle Peak, exploring uninhabited islands and visiting unmapped lime stone caves.

The team will be connected and lead by local people throughout the journey to get a first-hand experience of the place and hear stories that a tour-guide would miss, add the organisers.

This 13-day expedition is priced at Rs. 45,000. For details call Santosh on 9845442224 or log on to