The Serai Bandipur Resort blends effortlessly with its surroundings

Lying between the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala, and surrounded by three rivers, — Moyar, Kabini and Nagur — the Bandipur National Park is a scenic beauty. More importantly, it’s part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, making it a treat for avid bird watchers and wildlife lovers.

Small wonder this UNESCO World Heritage Site attracts large numbers of visitors each year.

Though Bandipur has deciduous shrub vegetation, it is green, and wonderfully so during the monsoon.

With such natural abundance, the idea of a resort in this region somehow sounds incongruent.

But, the unimposing and aesthetically designed Serai Bandipur Resort melds well with its surroundings.

A Coffee Day Hotels and Resorts in partnership with Tusker Harley Davidson, its rooms are airy, comfortable and exclusive.

The Residence provides a spectacular view of the property, as do the Mountain View Cabin, Mountain View Courtyard Superior and the Mountain View Courtyard.

Sanctuary, the fine-dining restaurant that serves Continental and Indian food satisfied my gastronomical desire.

Bliss of solitude

A walk through the property’s premises on a full moon night brought out the romantic in me.

Solitude never felt better as I soaked in the sights, scenes and sounds around.

It felt good detaching oneself from the maddening technological world and connecting, instead, with Nature.

Apart from doing your own thing at leisure, a Nature walk around the premises and a visit to the Bandipur National Park are must-do activities.

I reached the Bandipur National Park as early as six in the morning.

It was perfect — the morning breeze was at its best and the trees took on a bright green. But, of course, spotting a tiger requires something more — luck!

Despite an hourlong tour around the Reserve Forest, I did not spot one, but I was glad I spotted tiger pugmarks.

Life’s little mercies! I spotted bisons, elephants, deer, sambar, gaur, the surprisingly shy langurs, and a variety of birds, including the hornbill, woodpecker and kingfisher.

The sounds of the forest was music to the ears — the chirping of birds, the susurration of the leaves, the singing of the cicadas... The visit was well worth it.

How to get there

Bandipur is a five-hour drive by car from Bangalore. The nearest railway station is Mysore


The rooms cost between Rs. 29,000 and Rs. 38,000.

Things to do

A daylong wildlife safari at the Bandipur National Park