In these times of climate change, when environmental conservation and sustainability have never been more important, some Bangaloreans have been doing their bit, rather innovatively, to catalyse change and encourage citizens to become eco-friendly.

One such attempt was Alternate Current, held recently as part of the Bangalore Recycle Habba.

Designers from across the city came together for the event, coordinated by lighting designer Jenny Pinto, to quite literally “light up waste”. These artists assumed the responsibility of creating awareness by using their skills to “upcyle” waste and create beautiful products.

And so, fashion designers, writers and textile designers created lamps out of the most unlikely discarded material: fruit juice packs, straws, paper cups and old liquor bottles.

Devika K. created ‘shandy light' from old beer bottles and juice cartons. Anaheeta Pinto created the ‘Himalaya spring collection' from used plastic bottles and wires.

“Everyone is talking about climate change in some way or the other. By trying to talk about our environment in a different and unique way, we can grab people's attention more easily,” says Jenny.