Fantasy world Kiddies can ride in toy cars or helicopters!

Oberon Mall is the latest hangout joint. In fact Kochiites have got the hang of what to do in a mall. Now with a fully functional food court and a gaming area, ‘Boomerang’ it is officially the place to be.

The gaming area will be appreciated most by parents of young children who have just about had it with chasing an over-inquisitive toddler around the place. However, Boomerang is not just for very young kids, there is fun for grownups too. As of now there are video games (mostly involving simulation), skill-vending games (remember claws grabbing candies and other soft toys), kiddy rides (toy train, Helen car). Altogether there are around 35 machines, vending all kinds of games, as Johnson Baby of Boomerang says, “there is something for everybody here. This is the kind of place the entire family can have fun!” The video games and skill games are arcade games which, we have seen in shopping arcades abroad. For instance if you don’t feel like heavy duty gaming then you can just shoot hoops or try the skill vending machines and scoop up some goodies in the bargain.

Joy rides

The kiddie rides are lot of fun and that is the one place which is alive with action. There is a teeny-weeny toy train, a helicopter kind of thing which goes up and comes down, a toy jeep complete with a steering wheel to give Junior that feel of driving and last but not least the Helen car, which is basically a wobbly car with Helen (a life size dummy clown on a bad hair colour day) – just look at the glee on Junior’s face…so what if it is a tad pricey!

There is a card (plastic for fun! You bet) which you can buy for whatever amount and keep swiping and play and when your credit runs out you just top up the card (with cash, of course). That is not all; you can return the card within a year and be refunded the value of the card (Rs. 20).

Johnson says there are plans to expand, to get a carousel and dashing cars. “The dashing cars will not be suspended from the roof but rather be controlled from below the surface. We have acquired 1,100 sq feet for the purpose, to develop a ‘track’.”

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