Lifestyle opens its second store in the city

Lifestyle's Indian journey began over a decade ago right here in Chennai. And now, the company is all set for a second outing in the city with its new store, covering three floors and 80,000 sq.ft. at the swanky new Express Avenue Mall on Whites Road.

“It feels great to say it all started right here in Chennai in May 1999, when we opened our first store in India,” said Kabir Lumba, managing director of Lifestyle International (part of the Middle-East based Landmark Group), at the launch.

“We've gone on to become a pan-Indian brand since, with 21 such stores all over the country.”

All bright lights and glossy, stylish displays, the Express Avenue store features more than 250 national and international brands in apparel, accessories, footwear and cosmetics, infant and children's wear and toys (at Babyshop), home décor and furnishings (at Home Centre).

And, for the first time in Chennai, shoppers will get a chance to experience the group's international hi-street fashion brand, Splash.

Global appeal

“Splash is today available in over 65 stores all over the Middle-East, and is one of the Landmark Group's main retail concepts,” said Lumba. “It's high-energy, youthful and global in its inspiration.”

Spread over 5000 sq.ft., the Splash collection includes in-house brands such as Ms (young and funky, with plenty of attitude and sequins), Jaded (accessory heaven — chunky jewellery, shiny clutches, bright stoles and scarves) and Intimates (think slinky lingerie!), with plenty of deals on tees, tube tops etc.

“We introduced Splash in India in the last year-and-a-half, and we've tried to make it more relevant to the Indian consumer,” said H. Ramanathan, CEO of Max (the value retail chain of the Landmark Group).

The new store was ‘unveiled' with a bang, literally (a super-loud firecracker reverberated in the almost-empty mall to startling effect), with models Diana Penty and Lisa Hyden posing in front of the new logo with their ‘purchases' (the actual shopping happened later, once models and reporters alike visited the new store!). Up next for the Landmark Group in Chennai? Perhaps, their new line of hypermarkets and supermarkets.

For now, however, they're content to be back here with Lifestyle once again: “It's always been a great city for us,” said Ramanathan.


All roads lead to the mallMay 23, 2010