Shopping is no longer confined to the local stores. You can access the world's market with just a click of a mouse…

Today you can buy things like books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, shoes, accessories, bath products, cosmetics, the latest gadgets, the oldest pieces of jewellery, paintings, bags and even your daily groceries online! Online shopping has expanded to the extent that you can even buy a trademark license for your brand with a website!

Shalaka, an 18-year-old online shopper says, “I love online shopping. It's extremely convenient and with the new cash-on-delivery option you don't even have to make unsafe transactions. Websites offer discounts, which is a huge bonus, as well as access to a larger variety of styles. The last thing I bought online was shoes and make-up. The shoes fit perfectly.”

Online shopping is best for gifting for a number of reasons:

There is a huge variety of products.

You can even get it gift-wrapped and shipped to the desired address.

You don't need to jump from one shop to the next or dawdle in a mall breaking your head over what to gift and return empty-handed.

Many brands that you find online even have customisable products, making it special.

One big advantage is that you have access to products that may not be available in India.

Online shopping isn't just for buyers. It's also a great platform for people who want to sell.

Young entrepreneurs

With the rise of online shopping the number of retailers online is growing quickly, too. Many see this as a hobby alongside a mainstream job. Web purchasing gives the label a much wider audience.

Online portals are a great medium for brands to test the waters, see what the response is like and then proceed with further expansion. For some it's even a stepping stone towards opening their own store. Many people with online products exhibit in and around the country. Online shopping is an effective way to be seen by the right audience, international and national, and to connect to them easily.

Mallika, a designer with Esenemes that largely retails online, says, “Online shopping enables you to interact with people from various cities and countries and effectively do business with them. The reach is so wide that, within 10 days, we had made ourselves known to a hundred people. We wouldn't have managed this if it weren't for web purchasing.”

Pros and cons


It is available around the clock.

It saves time on travelling and fuel. (More money for shopping!)

Huge brands like Pottery Barn are now available because of online shopping and payment methods.

You can sit at home and relax and with just a few clicks can even buy your groceries and have them brought to your doorstep.

You can buy train tickets and plane tickets at a click.

Book your movie tickets first with online shopping. You can even buy your popcorn and sodas and have them brought to your seat when you buy your tickets. (How great is this?)

Shopping for gadgets is easier and more efficient with sites that narrow down the brands t and the features you require to compare models and find the perfect match for you.

No need to deal with any more persistent salesmen! (Phew.)

Buy music, movies and favourite TV shows.


There's no guarantee that you'll get exactly what you see. Colours may look different in photographs and the finish may not be the same either as the retailer may have edited the image of their product.

There is the danger of paying for something and the order taking forever to reach you. (Or worse never reaching at all)

You have to be careful when shopping on sites like eBay as you may end up buying second hand stuff.

When buying clothes you may not be comfortable with the fit when you receive it and try it on. Shoes too have this problem.

‘Cash on Delivery' is always the best policy.

Make sure you read the return policy carefully; it might not be suitable sometimes.

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Shraddha is a Grade XI student.