The ongoing 20th International Kite Festival in Gujarat promises lots

With 1,21,365 fairs and festivals celebrated during a year, Gujarat is one State with its historical vibrancy intact. With colours all around, cheer, and a sense of enjoyment in the air, the 20th International Kite Festival (Uttarayan) began in Ahmedabad, on the riverfront of the Sabarmati.

The festival is celebrated by over five crore people all over Gujarat.

Beautiful and attractive kites in different shapes and colours adorn the sky like a thousand birds. The competition is about bringing down the other's kite by cutting out the competitor's kite string.

Roughly 35 countries and 105 professional kite flyers from across the continents participate, in addition to at least 120 kite flyers from our country.

There are also celebrations for 50 years of Gujarat as an individual State.

Also known as Makara Sankranti in northern States, the festival marks the celebration of the season change.