Of a multiplex at Spectrum Mall

SPI Cinemas, better known as Sathyam Cinemas has launched S2 — a multiplex at Spectrum Mall in Perambur. In fact, the Spectrum Mall itself is the re-launch of the Grand Venus Mall, in association with Sathyam Cinemas. On Friday morning, Kamal Haasan inaugurated the multiplex and the mall.

At one of the theatres, he was joined by SPI Cinemas’ director Swaroop Reddy, its MD Chiti Babu, actor Bharath and S. Senthil Kumar, MD, Ganga Foundations that owns the mall.

. “Multiplexes have revolutionised cinema is more ways than we can imagine,” said Senthil Kumar. They strive to take cinema watching to the next level. “The cinemas here have RDX 3D technology, RDX 2K projectors and four-way QSC speakers.” The theatre is equipped with a snack bar, Wi-Fi enabled, has user-friendly ticket kiosks and easy payment options.

Kamal Haasan spoke of his old days in Perambur, and how he absolutely couldn’t recognise the place after so many years of development. “Today we have Pay-Per-View Cinema at home, available at the click of a button. With places such as Sathyam Cinemas, every person gets a very good reason to step out of the house and experience cinema.”

The ceremony ended with the a trailer from Kamal Haasan’s next film Vishwaroopam.


MetroplusJune 28, 2012