It is all about ‘I, me and myself' at the Posh Spa as you can spoil yourself silly there from head to toe

Imagine a pedicure being named after you. Going by all the TLC my poor feet get with the Jessica pedicure, I guess Jessica must have been really dear to someone. My toes are tingling. They and the rest of my feet too as they have been scrubbed squeaky clean with a peppermint exfoliate. At Posh they use skin-specific products for your feet too. So if you have dry skin, then the creams and oils used on your feet help it improve.

Feet first

You can choose from peppermint, ginger or green tea depending on your skin type. After your nails are cleaned and trimmed and your heels have been scrubbed to a baby's-bottom smoothness, hot towels are used to wipe down your legs after which a mask is applied.

At some point in the ministrations, your legs are wrapped up in cling film, I guess, to allow the creams and oils to soak in. Anyway, don't worry your head about that. All you need to do is shuck off your shoes and sink into large armchairs and leave it to the experts. The pedicure is a stress-buster. Nothing like clean feet to give one a leg up.

The staff at Posh is friendly and polite without being intrusive. If you are in a chatty mood, they are happy to oblige, otherwise, they leave you to the film and fashion magazines you never get to read in peace anywhere else in the world.

Not just your feet.

There are many exciting facials at Posh to choose from.

Tic tac toe

Half the fun is running your finger down the list, changing your mind about which one you should choose. Some assure you a blemish-less skin, some promise to banish tan, some say they will halt the aging process and others swear they will reverse it. Then of course are the inevitable treatments that will ‘turn you several shades fairer!

Ideally, I could do with most of the above services. But of course, I can't, so Sathya (my favourite beautician) and I hit upon the Sothys facial that uses products that have travelled all the way from France. All kinds of exciting things happen in this facial. It relieves stress, closes the pores, smoothens the skin, soothes it, and fills in the wrinkles. Gels, serums, masks, toners, moisturisers and vials of mysterious stuff are used. Sathya first cleanses the skin.

The products are all organic and safe, she assures me. Indeed, they feel gentle and mercifully there is just a hint of an elusive fragrance.

Gentle on the skin

None of the overpowering smells that can leave you with a headache. With names like Voluptuous face massage cream, Metamorphosis serum and so on, I can't wait to see the finished me. “Ideally three sittings should give you the best results,” warns Sathya. I am old enough to know miracles are not wrought in an hour and a half, but still once all the goo and creams are wiped off my face and Sathya gives me one last marvellous back rub, I emerge rejuvenated. My skin feels smooth and plump. It is clean and bright. It feels good.

Stress reliever

If you are really, really stressed out and just a massage and a pedicure will not do for you, there is a stress-relieving, lymphatic draining full body massage that also includes a facial (it takes about an hour).

Posh also offers the services of Chennai-trained hair stylists, Harshita and Hari, who are more than happy to give you tips on hair care. The nicest thing is that they listen patiently to your fears and apprehensions about an impending haircut and reassure you. Sometimes, they ask you to sleep over it and come back if you are not sure. Now, that is being professional. Posh has several interesting packages that may suit you. It also has a fitness centre.

Here is a thought. Women's Day is round the corner. Take yourself off to the parlour for some tender loving care. You deserve it. For the men who may be reading this – a day at the parlour is an ideal gift for the woman in your life. Go on, gift her a posh experience. There is a 25 per cent discount till Woman's Day on all services.

The parlour has branches in Race Course and R.S. Puram. For details call: 0422-6066060-65/3232851-52