Pen store Editions comes to town in style

In an age where digital efficiency has progressively replaced manual labour, few would claim that the pen is mightier than the sword or, for that matter, mightier than even the computer keyboard. But Editions, the new luxury pen store that opened recently at Express Avenue Mall, would beg to differ.

Labelled a “destination for anyone who loves fine writing instruments and accessories”, the store is a business venture of Odyssey India, and has opened in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi as well. The Chennai store was launched by German Deputy Consul General Axel Saurer, who listed the store “uber premium”.

Editions offers high-end writing instruments from brands such as the Italian Visconti and the Spanish Kynsey. The pens themselves range in appearance from sleek, simple models plated with 18-karat gold to those crafted with painstaking detail, such as images paying tribute to the immortal Humphrey Bogart, and Laurel and Hardy.

Interestingly, for a store that brands itself as a luxury pen store, pen prices begin at Rs. 700. However, living up to the branding, the prices run as high as Rs. 15 lakh! The store also has pen holders, cases, books about pens etc.

We guess the store's customer base will be quite at home among the other premium retail stores situated at the Mall. But, we're hoping, Editions, perhaps, will be able to revive a writing revolution that seems to have gone awry as reliance on computers has steadily increased and the art of handwriting gradually lost.


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