City folks are waking up to a new mode of collective fun that also serves as a binding force.

All the action in the world seems to be revolving around these hot and happening cool ‘zones’. Denizens are taking to kitty parties in a big way for more than one reason. To kill boredom, housewives bonding over lunch, gossiping and playing a game of tambola is not a new trend. The platform also serves as an apt occasion to flaunt their new outfits and jewellery besides indulging in some harmless tittle-tattle of women in the neighbourhood. Kitty parties are undeniably the biggest ‘pool-in’ entertainers and a lot more rolled in.

Pooling in fun

The zesty congregations are undergoing an ubercool makeover, as the city wakes up to ‘men’s-only’ stag parties where they get together for a picnic, a game of cricket or simply a refreshing gupshup over drinks. The concept is same-Pooling in money and one of the members getting the pooled kitty. Whoever said that men don't gossip. What else do you think these young men do when they wine and dine together? They blab as if there’s no tomorrow. And the money thus generated is spent to further spice up these sessions. “We engage a DJ to put life in these parties. Since we go Dutch with the bill, the money I save is spent on gizmos, gadgets or clothes,” says Tinnu, one of the stags.

To mingle with contemporaries in the social circuit, even couples are enrolling in ‘The Couple Kitty’. They play games, dance in pairs (with their own spouses of course) and exchange gossip over lunch or dinner. “It’s a refreshing change from the all-women kitty, as it gives couples a chance to spend time together, away from office, home or other commitments. We get to meet like-minded people who seem worth making friends with,” says Shalini, member of a ‘Doctors Only’ kitty party.

Taking cue from parents, kids have found a way to come together to form ‘Kids Kitty’. Parents usually come in to help the young ones arrange for snacks and games at home or a fast food restaurant. “It’s real fun to be part of a kitty party. I get to eat lots of goodies and play fun games with my buddies,” chimes in little Rishi, while his doting mother looks on indulgently.

The elderly women have not let the opportunity go off their hand and have formed their own kitty whose popularity is on the rise. Sixty-five-year-old Manju can’t stop raving about the new concept. “All of us are in the 60-plus age group. We have been together for over 30 years now.

Most of us have daughters-in-law and grand children and have ample leisure. The get-togethers give us an opportunity to go down the memory lane and recollect our good old days with like-minded people of our generation.”

Clubbing fun with divinity, an innovative group has come up with a ‘Kirtan Kitty’. “These days nobody seems to be interested in bhajans and pujas. Every one comes up with some excuse or the other for not attending them. ‘Kirtan kitties are soirees that feast us on soothing bhajans and chanting of mantras before savouring a sumptuous lunch,” says Anjali, an ardent member of a bhajan kitty. Vijayshree, member of another kitty, says: “My mother-in-law accompanies me to the kitty every month. I feel it’s a great way of bonding with her over Sai Baba bhajans. Besides learning the lyrics of the bhajans I am able to connect with my inner self.”