The great charm of architecture is the sense of elevation they evoke on their facades. How to create a sense of height and space inside a residence, which does not have the luxury of a large space as a foreground as many of the architectural facades enjoy? Advocate Rajendran’s house designed by Mohmad Afsar on the OMR shows a way.

The issue of height has been addressed in two ways here. The central space of the living room that you walk into has been lowered by a little less than a feet to create a sunken floor. To highlight the differential depth of space here, this portion has been tiled in a different shade form the rest of the living room. A mezzanine floor rises at the far side of the living room, leaving the central and near sides of the living room free, so that you full sense of the height by virtue of the contrast. Roofing the central space is a skylight that points skywards. In addition, two pillars shoot up from near the sunken floor taking the line of sight upwards.

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