Home décor store Tangerine opens shop on Ambalamukku-Muttada Road

The dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs greet you to Tangerine as do Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Started by Beena Alex, Tangerine is a home décor store that offers everything from showpieces to adorn your living room to bird baths for your garden. The ground floor is dedicated to knick knacks to decorate your home and garden. Gardeners who would like an English feel to their garden will have a field day at the store. There are planter pots embossed with images of sunflowers, birds and owls, gnomes, which resemble the characters from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, holding shovels, pumping water, watering the garden, playing the accordion and more at Tangerine.

A steal is sets of three ceramic planter pots. They are perfect for those living in apartments as they do not eat up space. Set them on your window sills or your balcony and create your mini-garden. You can water your plants with watering cans that have delicate prints of English flora and landscapes on them.

Those with proper courtyards can ornament their gardens with gnomes or friendly-looking scarecrows. Garden stakes with shrubbery or those with a bird sitting on a silver ball will definitely lend a helping shoulder to your favourite plant. Want to set a path in your garden? How about marking the way with stepping stones in the shape of footprints? Tangerine has quite a few decorative items for the home too. There are Cupids in various poses, galloping horses, busts of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, Mediterranean pots, abstract paintings, fish and snails made out of glass and more at this store.

On the first floor, one can find room dividers with Chinese themed images such as storks, bamboo and Chinese goddesses. To complement the Chinese theme is a quaint tea table that has a space to set a hot plate in the middle. This tea table comes with stools and a Chinese tea set.

Those who want style in their bathroom can pick up bath sets that match the colour and design theme of any modern bathroom. A set comprising a tumbler, soap dish, toothbrush stand and liquid soap dispenser makes perfect housewarming gifts as does a well packed gift set from House This, which contains choices of place mates with table napkins, table cloth with table napkin and bedspread with pillowcase.

A hobby section has sparkly beads, ribbons, Thai clay (which can make lifelike flowers), and more. Tangerine plans to set up an area in their store, which is dedicated to kurtis and leggings shortly.

The store which is located on the Ambalamukku-Muttada Road is open from Monday to Saturday.