Well, what else can I say if you've already made the same old resolutions (I will grow my hair, I will quit smoking, I will shop less, earn more) that you know in your heart you're not going to be able to keep, the second you make them?

But if you tell me, it's not too late to change that to a list that's highly workable, and I'm going to let you borrow from my list. Which is not my list really — this is stuff I gleaned from Robin Sharma's words of wisdom. These are extremely do-able, sustainable changes that you can make in your life. So go on — pick one. Or five. Or all ten.

Tip well — tip auto drivers, maids, waiters, the grocery delivery boy… anybody who gives you good service, and you know doesn't make as much money as he/she should.

Also, do not haggle with vegetable vendors, old-newspaper buyers and the like.

Give no energy to critics — apart from constructive feedback from a trusted two to three people, don't even give a second's worth of energy to other morale-downers.

Shift from being busy to achieving results — know the difference, know it well. Exercise four days a week — this is non-negotiable. Walk, run, work the stairs, swim, do yoga, play cricket… anything.

Drink a lot of water — again, non-negotiable.

Forgive those who have wronged you — at the risk of repeating myself, non-negotiable. There is no other way you will move on and live a healthier life.

Get serious about gratitude — as the number of things we can complain about increase, with the world and its weather getting more volatile by the second, gratitude is one of the few things that will keep us sane and happy.

Become stunningly polite — even when you know you're right and the other person is wrong. This will give you the greatest long-term high no alcohol can ever give you. And, being nice is non-negotiable (note to self: learn new words).

Be the most well-groomed, well-mannered person you know — dirty, scruffy and smelly is not sexy anymore. It never was.

Be the most ethical person you know — this is tough. Mainly because a lot of non-ethical stuff gets passed off as the norm today. This means having to question and re-do values and systems instilled in you through your upbringing. But do it, and there'll be hope again.

I wish you a fabulously self-discovering, self-reinventing 2011.


(A fortnightly column on relationships)