There's a slight nip in the air, but you're still tempted to take off to cooler climes. Here's how you can make the most of a 'chilly' break!

Mode of travel

If driving down to your destination, ask your mechanic to take a good look at your car, and check out the tyres, battery, wipers, lights, heater and oil. Also, switch to fuel with de-freeze agent, available in hill stations.

If you're stuck in the cold, don't panic. Ensure you wear layered clothes, and keep yourself warm by covering your ears, mouth, fingers and toes.

Call friends or acquaintances or someone in the area before starting off to know about road conditions. You will be better prepared and know what to expect.

And, avoid driving fast on snowy roads.

For adventure lovers

If you're planning to camp in the wilderness, remember that everything takes twice as long in winter. Plan accordingly.

Opt for fabrics that help retain heat, such as wool, fleece, and synthetic fibres such as polypropylene.

When skiing or taking off by yourself in the snow, ensure you wear bright-coloured clothing. Such colours are easier to spot in case of an emergency.

Health matters

Stay hydrated

You might not be thirsty in all that cold, but make a conscious effort to drink water.

Eat sensibly

Remember that your body needs extra energy in winter. Carry some high-energy food stock — they will come in handy in case you get stranded.