While getting ready for an event or party, don't we wish we could borrow Cinderella's fairy godmother to work wonders on us? Too bad fictional characters can't make it to the real world, but luckily we have beauty salons.

The latest to enter the city's thriving beauty scene is Page 3, started by C.K. Kumaravel. Nestled in one end of Wallace Garden Street, this three-month-old toddler of a salon could be a panacea to all your woes about looks. Apart from those lovely curls, diva-like hair cuts, quick-fix glowing skin, and make-overs, Page 3 has something new for Chennaiites — Kerastase rituals and products, and Keraskin.

The three-step process

They are from the stables of L'Oreal, and include a three-step process. The Kerastase hair ritual catches my fancy. You can choose from Experience, Express or Mono dose.

The process is quite fancy. First, a camera checks your scalp and hair. As I wince at the unflattering image, Nipun, the hair stylist, comforts me: “Your scalp and hair roots are healthy, only the ends are weak.” He now decides the products for the treatment. “What do you want?” he asks, almost like a genie. “I want my hair to be soft, glossy, straight and healthy…” A head and back massage, head wash, more massage and a blow dry later, I get it!