Steamed fish allows kaffir lime, a handful of herbs and spices to give it a new facet

The South East Asian fish dish gently teases you with the distinct flavours brought in by lemon. If kaffir lime leaves strike an instant rapport with the fish in the marination stage itself, more lemon comes into the picture when the fish allows a drizzle of sauce with lemon juice. The dish meets well the fetish of health freaks, as fish is steamed comfortably, a South East Asian specialty.

Steamed fish with chilli, fresh herbs, kaffir lime and ginger


4 pieces sole fish slice

10 gms corn flour

10 gms refined flour

1 egg white

Salt to taste

2 kaffir lime leaves

5 gms broth powder


Marinate the fish with the above ingredients and keep it for sometime. Steam the fish for seven minutes.

For the sauce

20 ml oil

3 flakes crushed garlic

2 crushed fresh red chillies

2 crushed green chillies

Salt to taste

3 gms sugar

3 gms broth powder

5 gms chopped coriander roots

Juice of half lemon


Heat oil, put garlic, coriander roots, crushed red chillies, green chillies, salt, sugar and broth powder. Finish with lemon juice. Put the fish on pokchoy. Garnish the fish with sauce and sprinkle juliennes of ginger on top along with juliennes of lemon leaves and fresh red and green chillies and spring onion. Add hot oil on top.

Bakshish Dean, Director, Food Production, The Park, is fascinated by the diligence with which French cuisine is made. “Super discipline” is the hallmark of the cuisine for Dean. “You can't hurry up any process in French food,” he says.