On our query: Should Karnataka emulate Andhra Pradesh in marking the International Women's Day with a holiday for women on March 8? Jithin Kalan says:

I think it will be all right if Karnataka gave a holiday for women or if they come up with other ways to promote equality of gender. I recently read a Malayalam poem Kettiyitta Koladu (lamb for slaughter) by late poet Kamala Das. She speaks of a day in a mother's life: cooking in the kitchen, going to office, her children's school and market, before she is able to retire to bed. The children call her a koladu. It would be nice if we celebrate a woman's life one day in the year.

Our question this fortnight: Bangalore has never been known for road rage. Were the two recent incidents of road rage an unavoidable consequence of chaotic traffic? Or does it point to a fundamental change in the character of the city?

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ResponseJanuary 13, 2011