A refreshing drink made with tender coconut water

Cocos Nucifera is a large palm, growing up to a height of 30 metres with pinnate leaves. Coconut is generally classified into two types — tall and dwarf. On fertile land, a tall palm can yield up to 75 fruits per annum, but more often yields less than 30 mainly due to poor cultural practices.

In a mature coconut, a thick, albuminous endosperm adheres to the inside of the testa (seed coat). This endosperm is the white, fleshy edible part of the coconut.

Although coconut meat contains less fat than many oilseeds, it has a high amount of medium chain saturated fat. About 90 per cent of the fat found in coconut meat is saturated. Like most nut meats, coconut meat contains less sugar and more protein than popular fruits such as banana, apple and orange.

It is relatively high in minerals such as Iron, phosphorus and zinc. The water from a tender nut contains a lot of minerals such as potassium, sodium and calcium.

Medicinal value

It is an isotonic natural beverage that helps keep the body hydrated, is a detoxifier and a digestive aid. The minerals in coconut water help clean the urinary tract.

Infants suffering from intestinal problems are given tender coconut water as it kills the germs and worms inside the body. It acts as a blood plasma substitute. Applying tender coconut water externally can alleviate skin problems such as prickly heat, sun burn, pimples and rashes.

Now, for a recipe.

Elaneer Vismayam


Tender coconut water: 400 ml

Tender coconut cream: 100 gm

Mint: 4-5sprigs

Honey: 8 tsp

Lemon: 2 nos.

Method: Blend all the ingredients in a blender, except the mint leaves. Chop the mint leaves. Mix it with the drink and serve chilled.

Jr. Sous Chef

Taj Club House