The Bombay Store, which made a difference to shopping in the city when it arrived, has now relocated

The Bombay Store, which was on M.G. Road, has now relocated to 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. The place now is more stylish, larger, and is designed to make you enjoy your shopping.

The place has dry fruits, jams, herbal personal care products that include handmade soaps and moisturisers and so on as soon as you walk in. So, what greets you is a waft of fragrance. The products are segregated with large display boards making it even more easy for you to have access to the products you need. This section also offers dry fruits, which starts at Rs. 19 for a small pack. There is also saffron imported from Spain and sold under the brand name “Taj Mahal”! The herbal products start at Rs. 110.

For black tea connoisseurs there is a wide range of tea leaves, which come in interesting flavours like cinnamon, ginger, rose and jasmine. For tea with milk there is the Darjeeling and Sancha tea. These start at Rs. 190 for 100 gm. packs.

Bag lovers can pick pretty bags made from jute, banana stem, with kalamkari prints or some zari work. These also come in pretty designs with Indian paintings and start at Rs. 350. “They are popular with tourists,” says the store manager.

The most interesting section is the wall-clock range. They are made in unusual designs like a broken coconut shell with the hour hands, or with musical instruments or just tiny earthen mud pots placed for every number. The clocks are priced at Rs. 750.

The jewellery section offers a wide range in silver and semi-precious stones. The ear rings start at Rs. 199 while the finger rings start at Rs. 600. There is a huge section of Kashmiri shawls and stoles in vibrant shades that start at Rs. 1,500.

Besides, there are tiny artefacts, handmade paper crafts, books, pencils made from neem wood and replicas of antique telephones, scented candles, floating candles etc. The candles also come in the shapes of animals and the floating candles start at Rs. 99.

The penholders and ashtrays come in pretty innovative designs. There are penholders designed as a man playing the tabla or the drums. And ashtrays like a man lazily yawning or a monkey smoking a cigar. These start at Rs. 300.

There are also gift items like the marble plates with gold paintings for Rs. 1,900, miniature Taj Mahals for Rs. 250 and photo frames, replicas of antique lanterns, bowls and more. The crockery starts at Rs. 199 for tiny serving trays.

If this is not enough, the store also offers a range of clothes for men and women and handmade sweaters, quilts, bedsheets and rugs and dhurries. It's an interesting place to pick up knick knacks for your home or to give away as gifts without burning your pocket.

Bombay Store is open from 10.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. everyday. It can be contacted on 25266449.