Gear up for SUV Off-Road Excursions on December 2

Here’s something for those who enjoy excursions that are way off the beaten track. SUV Off-Road Excursions, presented by Adventure Zone, is a non-competitive off-road event engineered to help owners of AWD SUVs (which have three differentials — front, rear and central) and 4x4 SUVs (which have two differentials — front and rear) “explore the performance and manoeuvrability of their vehicles in different off-road and cross-country terrain”. How serious the off-road meet is can be gauged from the unequivocal announcement: “not open to 4x2 SUVs”.

Arkaparva Datta, who is part of the think-tank, lists the salient features of this December 2 event (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.), to be staged on an off-road trail at Adventure Zone in Madurantagam.

Ditches: They partly define a typical off-road experience. Ditches vary by size and the challenges encountered in negotiating them. The participant must keep simple techniques in mind such as having to drive the vehicle square to the ditch if it is wider than the vehicle. If the ditch is narrower, he has to drive diagonal to it.

V and W pits: They enable the participant to understand approach, departure, ramp-over / brake-over angles and help him apply basic driving skills to avoid getting stuck.

Climbs and descends: The participant gets to understand the gear ranges in the transfer case.

Cross-axle obstacles: The participant is faced with a situation where any two wheels are on the same level and the other two on a different one, and the loss of traction resulting from it.

A set of general exercises: Aimed at helping the participant figuring out the potential of his vehicle.

Datta says, “Men who organise Pallar Challenge, unquestionably India’s toughest off-roading event, are behind this initiative.”

SUV Off-Road Excursions comes with clear-cut rules, which include ‘only four people allowed to sit in each vehicle’ and ‘no alcohol to be carried or consumed during the event’. Participation fee is Rs 2,500 for a person (including taxes). An additional payment of Rs. 1,200 a head has to be made for night stay on December 1 at the facility. For details, call 94443-84608/ 98400-66657.