Chef Yang Lin Lin is amazed by the vibrancy of colours that dominate life in India

“The temperate weather that the city offers is unique, comfortable and does not tire you out , like other Indian cities,” says Chef Yang Lin Lin, a Chinese citizen, who has been stirring up delicacies at the Oberoi kitchens for nearly three years.

“I am picking up English gradually. The staff is supportive and help me. As far as the kitchen is concerned, I can manage with the instructions , which is understood by everyone,” he adds.

Lin is amazed by the amount of colours that dominate life in India. “India is more colourful than China. The buildings, people's clothes and signboards are very colourful. It adds more beauty to the surroundings.”

He feels that people in India are friendly and relaxed. “Indians appreciate a job done well and workplaces are less formal than China.”

His main grouse about Bangalore is the lack of civic sense among the public. “It is sad that people seldom make an effort to keep their surroundings clean. If Bangalore aims at becoming a world city, this issue must be tackled soon.”

As for another of the pet grouses that Bangaloreans in this southern metropolis complain about — the traffic, Lin is not very perturbed. “Traffic snarls are commonplace in cities across the world. Once mass public transport systems like the Metro are up and running, that issue should be sorted out.”

He is a great fan of Indian food and enjoys tandoor preparations and biryanis. “I enjoy spicy food. As far as Indian food is concerned, my wife is an expert. I cannot prepare many Indian dishes .”

He does not understand cricket and feels that it resembles baseball, which he used to follow in Japan. A football fan, he is disappointed that China has failed to qualify for the World Cup finals. He is now rooting for the Germans. “I would have liked to see India and China participating in the tournament.”

Though he has been on many business trips across India, he is looking forward to a vacation to one of the many exotic destinations the country offers.


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