Cherries and Berries offers fresh waffles, filling sandwiches, healthy burgers and more

Something smells good as I step into Cherries and Berries. I soon realise it’s the appetising aroma of freshly made waffles. Delighted as very few restaurants serve waffles, I take a quick peep at the menu. Although there are waffles with a variety of toppings, I stick to the classic – waffle with whipped cream and maple syrup (Rs. 90). My friends order a tuna melt (Rs. 125) and a chicken medley. All come piping hot.

Although I am a bit apprehensive about the whipped cream being fresh, my fears are put to rest. Shaped like a flower, the thin waffle has a generous topping of whipped cream and maple syrup. Needless to say I polish it off in record time. The tuna melt and chicken medley are sandwiches with a filling of tuna with red onion, sweet corn, spices, mayonnaise and cheese, and, tender chunks of grilled chicken mixed with diced green and red capsicums grilled with cheese, respectively. Both are exceptionally good although the chicken medley could have been better with less pepper.

I go through the menu once again and notice that there are no fried dishes in the menu. The burger, which is listed on the menu has grilled chicken breast as its pate.

Although the joint is known for its coffees – there is a long list like latte macchiato (a three layered latte), mochaccino (expresso combined with creamy chocolate and milk), and caramel frappe (creamy caramel ‘Monin’ syrup combined with chilled milk and expresso) – we ask for a Dairy Milk milkshake (Rs. 125) and a hot chocolate. The Dairy Milk milkshake is a must try. It tastes exactly how a glass filled with melted Dairy Milk would taste like. The drink is topped with whipped cream, which helps cut the sweetness of the drink. If you are not fond of Dairy Milk, perhaps a Snikers milkshake or a Kit Kat milkshake will tickle your taste bud.

The hot chocolate spreads a warm happy feeling in our being. However, my friends and I agree that the drink is best had on a rainy day or when we are down with the blues.

My friend gives a squeal as she discovers the joint provides free Wi-Fi and is soon surfing online while my other friend and I enjoy the English tunes that are floating in this quaint little coffee shop which has been tastefully done up.

Cherries and Berries also offers muffins, cakes and juices. The joint, located at Carmel Towers, Vazhuthacaud, is open daily at 10 a.m. The coffee shop closes at 10 p.m. Contact: 2735433