The Pink Room offers plenty of dining options, from the eclectic to the heavy duty

Another café and lounge making its debut at Hauz Khas Village! It is called The Pink Room. It has an exciting pink ambience and contemporary setup of three-storey pink rooms with elegant furniture. It was good to notice the hanging iron buckets put to use innovatively as lamp shades. It seems the pink connection lingers among girls even after they grow up — or was it a coincidence — because the clientele was predominantly female.

The menu consists of selected dishes from across the world. The All Day Breakfast section has some good options to try. Apart from the regular omelette variants, there is the “Muscle” breakfast and the low cal breakfast that serve as complete meals. The Muscle breakfast is apt for any gym freak, consisting of a six-egg white omelette, grilled chicken breast with a bowl of fresh fruits and accompanying multi grain bread and a protein shake.

I too started on a healthy note with the in-house special, Pink Room Chicken Tikka and Pasta Salad along with the Soup du Jour. The salad was tangy and refreshing. Tasty chicken breast pieces were grated and blended well with the creamy pasta. The starters were not excellent but good enough to accompany my soothing mocktail, Pink Splash. Fish fingers served with tartar sauce were nice and crispy, perfectly coated with breadcrumbs. The Oriental dishes were a bit bland. I would have liked the chicken wings a bit crispier, though their juiciness and taste couldn’t be faulted. But one starter for which I will visit the Pink Room again was the quesadillas. This Mexican import had the perfect stuffing of cheese and corn which just melted in the mouth. Among the pastas and pizzas, the Roast Chicken Pesto Pizza had a nice crisp thin crust.

Chicken dishes dominated the menu. The Stuffed Grilled Chicken breast with Jalapeno and cheese was delicious. Trying the North Indian specialty, Pink Room Butter Chicken Platter, surprisingly turned out to be a good decision. Thick textured gravy with tender chicken pieces served with fine basmati rice and a lacha paratha made a finger licking treat. Even the chicken biryani was worth a try.

And nothing could have been better than ending with the fresh hot Chocolate Fondue. Place a a spoon in it and watch the hot chocolate ooze out!

Can’t say about the pink of health, but a chocolate lover will certainly be pink with delight.

Meal for Two – Rs.800