Combo meals to suit various palettes

One of the signs that show a city has 'arrived', according to most youngsters, is when it has multi-national food chains; a place where they can hangout with friends and with good food. Well, going by that admission, the city is showing signs of arriving as Marrybrown, a Malaysian chain, has reached the city. True, we have Subway and Dominos (open only to Techies), but a popular fast food joint in the heart of the city is a first.

Located at Panavila Junction, near the Bakery junction flyover, this 60-seater three-storied restaurant (the top floor might be turned into a party hall) is cosy. Actually a bit too cosy as the tables and seats (which are comfy) are too close for comfort.

A quick look at the menu and it's the combo meals that catch your eye. We order combo 5, (which has a choice of either a rib and a drumstick or a thigh and wing) and combo 6 (two pieces of chicken, a side of coleslaw, a serving of mashed potato and a pet bottle of cola).

Other interesting combos include combo 2 that has a double-decked burger (Rs. 149), a paneer wrap combo (Rs. 55) and combo 6 that has five pieces of fried chicken wings that is served with a hot and sweet dip (Rs. 99). All combo meals come with a side of fries and a glass of cola.

We also order a kiddie meal (a choice of chicken or vegetarian burger, smileys or chicken poppers and a glass of orange juice) that comes with a surprise gift.

The chicken has a crisp slightly spicy outer coating and is cooked just right. It is also not too oily. While the coleslaw has generous grated vegetables covered with a helping of mayonnaise, the mashed potato tastes as if it was cooked in stock. It has bits of pepper in it which gives the dish a bite. The chicken burger has a succulent thick pate placed in between a soft bun. Ground chicken meat that is mildly spiced is made into balls and fried for the chicken poppers.

Finger food

Those who have small appetites can order burgers and fried chicken a la carte. There is also a choice of finger food like chicken lollipop (Rs. 60), chicken nuggets (Rs. 55), nachos (Rs. 40) and Tandoori nuggets (Rs. 35). A choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian rice meals are for those who need their daily dose of rice. While two pieces of fried chicken, a helping of coleslaw and pulau comprises the non-vegetarian, instead of fried chicken, it is smileys (potato wafers) that is different in the vegetarian version. The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. Contact: 4061010.