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Updated: November 22, 2012 18:41 IST

Let’s meat up

Catherine Rhea Roy
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Plan B Loaded
Plan B Loaded

Plan B Loaded serves up some great soul food – greasy, cheesy and deep fried

Happy hours and the average Bangalore pub crawler go a long way back, and when I visit Plan B Loaded it is time for happiness. If seeing is believing, I believe I saw chicken wings at every table as I took my seat next to the big glass window, shielding off the sunlight and juggled the umpteen menus for the umpteen options they offer.

The large space has been made to look like they worked with leftovers from the set of The Fast And The Furious. Half a car that functions as a barbecue grill, a gigantic cage that looks questionable and many girls in short skirts. The tables around me are loud and raucous, and any seasoned pub goer will recognise the sounds of swig, chug, guzzle, tank and cheers all around. It is true what they say; when the beer comes easy and the meat is juicy, the times are happy.

Not to feel left out they bring me a plate of the reputed spicy garlic chicken wings accompanied with a soft, creamy dip, which acts perfectly against the wings glazed with a spicy, thick sauce. It is official – Plan B Loaded has successfully carried forth the legend of their legendary wings.

This was followed by a portion of bacon-wrapped sausages, and it came with little bowls of a chilli sauce and more dip on the side. And then there were chicken and cheese balls and jalapeno poppers and more chicken wings – greasy and deep fried and tasty.

Somewhere in between popping cheese balls and using both hands to mop up some gravy and dip it in some dip, I forgot about my Virgin Pina Colada and was not really paying attention when they replaced that with a Virgin Mojito. The heat was on, I was starting to sweat grease and was just informed that they were ready to bring lunch.

On three, large, wooden platters they brought me BBQ pork ribs, fried chicken steak and smoked sausages. Each platter came with mashed potatoes, coleslaw and extra gravy if you needed it. So, let’s make this quick and simple – if you like the crumb fry then ask for the fried chicken steak, and if you prefer some soul and sweet in your meat then the BBQ pork ribs is your calling. And the smoked sausage beneath its leathery sheath is succulent, ground meat which comes with a rich sauce that gave it the zest that was missing.

Loosen your drawstrings and widen the doors, for we are not done. They bring me mini burgers which they like to call sliders, which come in options of chicken and lamb and pork and I could have sworn there were a few vegetarian options as well. For all concerned vegetarians, you will not go hungry; choose from a variety of potato, mushroom and cottage cheese. And if you insist on dessert the New York cheese Cake on its strong foundation of buttery biscuits is apt and complete.

Plan B Loaded is on Rhenius Street, Richmond Town. Call 9739902745

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