Turn brown rice into a flavoursome affair by adding mustard, pomegranate and pepper to it

If you want to eat fresh and healthy food, what better than organic brown rice salad with pepper and goodness of pomegranate and home grown mustard. The high fibre content of brown rice aids in digestion and keeps sugar level in balance and even helps in controlling blood pressure. “Creating something gives you satisfaction. It satisfies your professional yearning. So creating something new from the old which is beneficial to everybody is very important. It is like reinventing the wheel,” says Chef Sandeep Panwar on his creation.

Brown rice, pomegranate and red pepper salad, home grown mustard


Brown rice (raw) 120 gms

Red capsicum 80 gms

Yellow capsicum 80 gms

Pomegranate seeds 25 gms

Onion 200 gms

Parsley 20 gms

Salt 3 gms

Black pepper 2 gms

Mustard sprouts 10 gms


Lemon 80 gms

Olive oil extra virgin 40 ml

Salt 3 gms

Black pepper 2 gms


Soak rice for 30 minutes and cook in enough water till they become soft. Drain and cool. Add some oil so that the rise does not stick. Peel onion and cut into halves to get 12 thick onion rings. Fine chop parsley. Add brown rice, peppers, pomegranate seeds, parsley, salt and pepper together. Make the dressing with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. Add it to the above salad mix. Stuff onion halves with salad, arrange neatly on a plate. Serve cold.