Enjoy spicy and tangy dishes from Rajasthan

ITC Kakatiya is hosting a Rajasthani Food Festival, ‘Jeemne Padharo Sa’. The festival is aimed at bringing the vibrant and colourful culture and heritage of the desert-state, Rajasthan. Chef Anvir Singh from ITC has arranged an elaborate menu that touches upon the important elements of the cuisine. Try an array of dishes with ample spice and tang. Anvir brings to the table, the usual suspects like Lal Maas, Dal-Baati Churma and Gatte ki Sabzi. Gatte ki sabzi is made using besan and whole spices. Chef Anvir makes up with exotic dishes like Gaurat phalli, bharwaan gatta. Owing to the dry climate in the region, there are very few vegetables available in the Rajasthan, so ingredients like besan and papad are used without restriction. Curries are made of the few vegetables available like Kair Sangri, panchkoota and sukdi. Rajasthani cuisine also sees yoghurt based gravies and the dishes are usually high on the spice. But why would you want to eat hot food in a hot place? Anvir has a reasonable explanation for that. He says that there is a belief that ‘garmi hi garmi ko maarti hai (only spice can simmer down the heat).’ Rajathani cuisine also entails beverages like chaanch and doodh which douse the acidic nature of the spices. Chef Anvir promises that the curries are not heavy on the tummy. “We have tried to keep the cuisine light and we have limited the use of oil and dry fruits,” he says. The Chef had taken care of the food for the wedding of the Prince of Jodhpur and he has brought some of the dishes he made there — Rai ki macchi, panner ke sule and methi maas. There is enough to satiate those with a sweet tooth. Treat yourself to Ghevar, Rajbhog and Churma. While there is enough and more meat, vegetarians will have to make-do with little.

What: Rajasthani Food Festival

Where: ITC Kakatiya, Deccan Pavilion

When: Till December 9, 7.45 p.m. onwards