Beetroot makes great juices and pickles, but it has excellent health benefits, too

For South Indians, beetroot has always been a excellent side dish with rice. It is used to make juices and pickles too.

But beetroot has some health benefits. It is rich in fibre and potassium and its green leaves are high in vitamin A, iron and calcium.

Beetroot makes a wonderful liver cleanser and a good blood builder. Hence, it is good for those with skin problems, constipation and other digestive disorders.

However, watch you don't overdo it as they are also high in oxalic acid and canned and pickled beetroot is very high in salt.

Try a simple beetroot squash that can be made at home.

Beetroot Squash

A delicious squash with a distinctive flavour and a sophisticated deep purple colour you can't resist....

Makes 2 bottles


Beetroot – 1 kg

Sugar – 1 kg

Boiled and cooled water – 2 litres

Lemons – 10 nos

Tonovin essence – three fourth tsp


Peel and wash the beets. Finely chop the beetroot. Add enough boiled and cooled water to grind to a smooth mixture. Filter through a cloth.

Add sugar and boiled and cooled water. The water should not exceed 2 litres. Add water according to the colour. If it is too dark, add water. If it is light, do not add water. Set this mixture on the hob. It should not boil. Remove from flame just before it boils. Let it cool completely. Meanwhile, squeeze the juice of 10 lemons.

Filter the lemon juice. Add the lemon juice and the tonovin essence to the completely cooled beet squash. Stir well. Transfer to a bottle. You can use this squash anytime after it cools.

Take a tall serving glass. Spoon in quarter glass of beetroot squash. Drop in a couple of ice cubes. Fill up with water.

Serve chilled!