Aroy means delightful in Thai. The newest entrant on Bangalore's restaurant circuit offers subtle aromas, great food and a peaceful ambience to enjoy your food in.

Aroy, meaning delightful in Thai, is the newest entrant on Bangalore's restaurant circuit. The place sets off a feeling of calm and serene Southeast Asia and one could almost settle down on a mat by the waterfront, and get lost in the music. But then our senses grasp the subtle aromas that hang in the air and we get a teaser of the gastronomical heaven we are actually in.

Located in a naturally sound proofed, leafy nook, off Bannerghatta Road, the restaurant is a relief from the noise and chaos, and your dining experience boils down to just you, your party and fine dining.

The yellow hue of the lighting gives the room a romantic bass and the wooden interiors, and flowing water provide percussion, the hospitality and flavours takes this fusion of Asian fare to perfection.

The ambience — open terrace and cool Bangalore evening breeze — caress your face, and the air laden with gourmet smells piques your appetite.

Chef Prathamesh and his team of chefs imported straight from Thailand strives to give us culinary perfection from the Far East. The recipes are carried out with maximum care and the finest ingredients are used to preserve the classic flavours. There are also special appearances by Chinese and Burmese delicacies in the predominantly Thai menu.

If you are non-vegetarian start with the Pandan chicken — chicken that has been previously marinated and wrapped in screw pine leaves and then grilled.

The grilled fish in betel leaf is an amalgamation of tastes, not recommended if you are not fond of betel leaf, because you are left with the sharp, pungent lingering taste of the leaf.

The threaded prawn — prawn wrapped in noodles, is divine to look at and ambrosial to taste. The banana leaf wrapped tofu presents tofu that has been marinated in a secret sauce, wrapped in banana leaf and then grilled; a must try for the vegetarians.

The Thai vegetable spring rolls are another vegetarian must, which, under the influence of mint and lettuce, gives us a pleasant twist.

The tom kha soup is worthy of the surrender of a part of your appetite. The galangal-flavoured coconut cream soup is rich in taste, tang and with succulent bits of chicken.

Also try the ubiquitous Thai red curry or Thai green curry for the continuing tango with coconut milk, bamboo shoots and basil. Complete your meal Thai style with either a selection of homemade ice cream in flavours of green tea, pandan leaves or lemon grass or even the water chestnut rubies served with chilled coconut milk.

Aroy is open from noon to 3.30 p.m. for lunch and from 7 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. for dinner. Call 9986050050/ 080.


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