Our readers make some interesting observations about the way society treats its men and women

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I have never been discriminated against thanks to my parents, but I have seen many incidents. Some parents tell boys not to help in any household work and they order their girl child to work continuously. Girls can do many things, but because of this every girl's life is spoiled.

G. Amit

Class VI, Sri Gowthami Smart School, Rajahmundry


One of my relatives says that, “It is better to have a female infant instead of a male infant". This is because females do work like cleaning the house and taking care of the whole family and will not cause any trouble. On the other hand, males are considered to commit mischief in society and not much good work. Because of the Delhi crime committed by some men, all males being seen as rude fellows by females. This is not fair.


Class XI, Cheran MHSS, Karur


In my school, if we want to carry notebooks to class, teachers send only boys because boys are considered physically strong but girls are not.


Class VIII, Navabharath International School, Annur


When I drop my sister to some extra-curricular classes, my parents always instruct me to ride slowly but I ride in normally. Perhaps a female would ride the bicycle slowly and take care of my sister better. Society expects all men to be mischievous and cultivate bad habits. Why is this so? At the time of marriage, people always ask the men if he has any bad habits, but the woman’s family will be asked if she is good or not. Society’s doubts are acceptable, but because of some men’s activities, the all men should not be blamed.


Class XI, Cheran MHSS ,Karur


I haven’t faced any discrimination because of my gender. This is usually not common in urban areas but female infanticide continues in rural areas. People still believe in stereotypes in spite of females achieving in various fields. They see a girl child as a financial burden and think they have to spend more on them than on a boy. Most people in rural areas do not let women have higher education and keep them locked inside the home.

B.Divya Jothi,

Class VIII, Navabharath International School, Annur

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