Co-education: boon or bane?

Co-education is necessary today. The reasons are many. Boys and girls think differently. Most boys think logically and very often girls are emotional by nature. With regular interaction between boys and girls, a better understanding is created. Co-education also generates healthy competition between them and there will always be better appreciation of each others' perspectives, strength and weaknesses. Co-education also helps create mutual respect and encourages diversity in thought.

Most importantly, co-education gives confidence to girls as they are treated as 'equals'.

B. Sai Sreedhari

Class VIII, Sister Nivedita School, Hyderabad

I feel that co-education is of prime importance in today's schooling. Co-education helps develop a cordial relationship between students and inculcated in them a spirit of sportsmanship, mutual harmony and brotherhood.

Moreover in a patriarchal society like ours, it also acts as a symbol of equality among students and stresses the vitality of women's education. It also stresses the women's dynamic participation in games and sports.

Every education system has its own pros and cons but under good guidance , the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The co-education system treats all students alike.


Class-11, Zion MHSS, Selaiyur, Chennai

One of the most obvious and natural advantages of co education is that it promotes healthy competition between boys and girls. It is natural to be attracted emotionally and physically towards opposite gender. So many people believe that co-education to be against their traditions and culture. Therefore it sometimes creates a rift

Vinaya & Anumol,

Sobhaicon HSS, Moolamcode

Co-education promotes equality and harmony among both genders.

Hima. K. R

Sobha icon HSS, Moolamcode

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