Some places on Earth are still enshrouded in mystery

Some phenomena are inexplicable. There's a popular theory that crop circles are created by aliens. They are flattened crops that look like perfect circles from a distance. Here's a look at two such enigmas that have captured the public imagination:

One triangle, different angles

Known as the Devil’s Triangle, the Bermuda Triangle has become infamous for being the site of a number of shipwrecks and aeroplane crashes. What's more, the vessels have disappeared mysteriously. This has led to speculations of alien abductions and supernatural activity. The Bermuda Triangle features in popular culture as a site of mystery and danger. However, investigators contend that the number of accidents that take place is normal, considering the sheer volume of vessels that pass through the area. The disappearances can also be explained as being exaggerated.

Statues ahead of their time

The huge statues on Easter Island are a puzzle. How were they built and moved to their current location? Hundreds of years ago, a tribe of Polynesians settled on the island and built the statues. The primitive islanders didn't have the necessary tools to create these gigantic statues. So how was it done? Until this day, scientists have come up with a million theories but nobody knows what the truth is.

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