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Spare time for exercise

Students do have time to exercise and involve in sports or any other physical activity. They can do moderate exercises. School life is the time to groom oneself, which also includes physical exercise and one should spare time for it.

G.M.B. Raaga Sudhan

Class 9, Vinayakar Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sivakasi

Don’t be couch potatoes

We have time for TV, computer and mobile games. But when it comes to exercising, we do not have enough time. Parents and teachers should push children to exercise and show them that exercising can be fun. We should all make exercising a daily routine and not be 'couch-potatoes.'

Ann Midas,

VIII G, The Delta Study, Fort Kochi

All work, no play

Students are not particularly encouraged to get involved in physical exercises. Parents are motivating children only in studies and not in sports and exercises. So children think that exercises are of no use and they neglect it. They also have home works and tests which take most part of their evenings. Only during PT period, that students have time to play.


Class 9,Vidya Mandir Estancia, Chennai

From playgrounds to tuition centres

Students are encouraged to get involved in physical exercises only at schools but not at homes. Even students do not get enough time to work out every day. Mainly the students of higher grades do not get time to relax at all. Nowadays, playgrounds are empty while schools and tuition centers are filled.


Class-9, Nava Bharath International School, Annur.

Make it a routine

In my perception exercises ought to be practised. If school students include this behaviour in their routine, they can be much more energetic till the end of the class.  It will increase the blood flow and increase concentration level. Students are being encouraged to do all kind of physical exercises and even they are being trained in schools. But the senior students are not given this kind of practices or chances.


Class:12, Excel Central School, Thiruvattaru, Tamil Nadu

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