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Tuesday’s Traveller

Kenenisa Bekele —> Monopoly (game)

Kenenisa Bekele

Kenenisa Bekele made his marathon debut on Sunday, winning it and breaking the Paris course record in the process, with a time of 2:05:03. If this was his first attempt at this distance, how come he is already so popular in the field?

An Ethiopian long-distance runner, Bekele is considered to be among the greatest distance runners of all times. He holds the world record and the Olympic record in both the 5000 m and 10,000 m events.


Birmingham has a strong sports connect. Bekele broke the indoor world record over 2000 m in Birmingham on February 17, 2007. The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham has hosted the All England Badminton Championships since 1994. And of course, you probably remember that India won the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013 at Birmingham.

Be it for the entry, exit of passengers, or passenger interchanges, Birmingham New Street railway station is the busiest in United Kingdom outside London. Other major railways stations also exist in the city, and serve as a terminal for trains running from London Marylebone.

Marylebone station

A central London railway station and London Underground complex, Marylebone station is also called London Marylebone. Opened in 1899, it remains one of London’s youngest mainline terminal stations and also one of the smallest. Still, it finds itself a place in the British version of the Monopoly board game.

If you ever get to this station, there are plenty of attractions nearby. If you are a cricket enthusiast, you could head to Lord’s Cricket Ground; 221B Baker Street, home of fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, is surely worth a visit if you are into books and Maddame Tussauds, with wax models of celebrities, is also nearby.

Monopoly (game)

Have you played Business? If you have, then you’ll probably know that it is modelled along the lines of the game Monopoly, produced by United States game and toy company Hasbro. Hasbro recently picked 5 ‘house rules’ voted by fans on Facebook to be included in future versions of the board game.

So the path that we have traversed today is:

Kenenisa Bekele —> Birmingham —> Marylebone station —> Monopoly (game)

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Wednesday’s Wanderer

Blue Shark —> Harper Lee

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