Literary journey

The book travels through the creative writing process of noted authors in Malayalam. They talk about the inspiration and experience behind their works.

Sargasrushtiyile Raasavidyakal, Shabu Kilithattil, Rs. 140

An affable poet

The Plamenammayi poetry series (made up of verses written about a rustic matriarch) has been compiled in the book. The lovable, elderly Plamenammayi’s life, sprinkled with sweet and sour incidents, is narrated through 50 poems.

Plamenammayi, K.R. Tony, Rs. 75

Gripping tales

Six spellbinding stories by one of the reputed writers of the current generation. The stories are ‘Idukki Gold’, ‘Kalathilakam’, ‘Swaasam’, ‘Nadappudeenam’, ‘52x32’ and ‘Cairo’.

Swaasam, Santhosh Echikkanam, Rs. 75

At home

Memoirs of a journalist who lived in the Andaman-Nicobar Islands for 38 years. He talks about his days as superintendent of the Cellular Jail during the Emergency period and about the people and culture of the region.

Nakkaavaram, A.K.P. Nambiar, Rs. 125

Soul-searching sojourn

‘A book of memories and travels’ goes the tagline of the book. The travels connect to the soul and the spirit of the reader.

Mounapoorvam, Shoukkath, Rs. 110

Short and sweet

Even four sentences can make a story, proves the author. His close encounters with life have been captured in the short story collection, with over 70 stories.

Iratta Midayikal, P.K. Parakkadavu, Rs. 50

For copies: DC Books

Rooted in the present

‘Sumithra’s poems absorb the deep undercurrents of the present day world,’ writes Benyamin about the poetry collection. Forty poems in the book delve into contemporary events and lives.

Veruthodum Nilaavu, K. V. Sumithra, Rs. 60

For copies: Current Books

In the dark

Short story writers, poets, actors, activists, students, and readers, all women, write about memorable nights in their lives. Over 90 articles are included in the collection.

Penrathrikal, edited by K. Ashraf, Rs. 320

For copies: Olive Publications

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