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Coming of age in Pakistan

Even as Malala is feted across the world, a quiet change is taking place in rural Pakistan. Meena Menon reports on the micro-credit programme that’s changing lives significantly »
Manorama Joshi Winner

Special in so many ways

She went from door to door to find the children who had been locked up because their families thought they were cursed »
A panel from the comic strip Qahera In The News

The cape of good hope

Two superheroes, one from Pakistan and the other from Egypt, have a burka-clad Islamic woman as their protagonist. Lakshmi Krupa reports »
Poongkhulali B. Woman in Law

All you must know about the FIR

In my last column, I spoke of the rights of an accused at the time of arrest. But how about the steps involved in initiating criminal proceedings? Ranjani lived with her grandmother. One evening,... »
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