Given the hectic lifestyle and the increasing stress levels, a blissful few hours of decadence along with the often elusive ‘me time’ is always welcome. With the popularity of spas spiralling, Priyadarshini Paitandy writes about five of the most luxurious spa treatments Chennai has to offer.

The delightful fragrance of essential oils and scented candles, dimly-lit rooms, soothing music, clean fluffy towels and a comforting silence only broken occasionally by the sound of your contented snores — isn’t this what most spas are synonymous with?

Antahpura spa, Park Hyatt

Treatment: Samattva Sanskar

What is it: After battling the obstinate traffic on the road, once you reach the hotel and make your way to the spa, the chaos dissolves into a sanctuary of bliss. Before the ritual, a hydrothermal treatment is recommended — steam, sauna or a dip in the black tiled plunge pool. This therapy includes a Fourhanded Massage followed by a Chettinad Herbal Poultice and an Intuitive Mind Facial. As the two masseuses simultaneously massage with their magical hands you feel instant gratification. It’s followed by a heated herbal poultice therapy that comprises rice flour, salt, whole spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. This poultice is the superhero that can battle the villainous muscular pain. The pampering doesn’t end here. Next begins the Intuitive Mind Facial using Aromatherapy Associate products. It’s a mild facial that’s said to stimulate collagen formation and lessen the effects of ageing. At the end of the treatment you feel like you’ve woken from a deep relaxing slumber and as for the body, it feels beautiful.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: Rs. 6,750 plus taxes

Ph: 71771234

Heavenly Spa, Westin

Treatment: Recharge Massage

What is it: What do you feel like today? Need a little love, hope or gratitude? The Three Stone Ritual at the Heavenly spa is supposed to make you feel just the way you want to. But before you step into the land of indulgence, drink that glass of water that’s infused with the goodness of fruits. The therapy starts with a Three Tea scrubto exfoliate the grime that our body unknowingly accumulates given the pollution and humidity. A quick shower to get rid of the sticky scrub and then you are back on the Heavenly Treatment Bed. Now the Swedish massage begins. It’s gentle and relaxing, making it impossible to lie awake and enjoy the special selection of music (particularly interesting is the fusion of Pachelbel’s Canon in D with chants of Om Namah Shiva!). The masseuse, as she kneads, gently straightens out every knot in the body. The Heavenly Spa as the name suggests intends to give you a heavenly experience.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: Rs. 4,500 plus taxes

Ph: 22553366

Eternum Spa, Ramada Chennai Egmore

Treatment: Polynesian Journey

What is it: Need an escape from the monotony? We recommend you try the Polynesian Journey. Scruffy isn’t what we prefer and therefore a good scrub is always welcome. This four-step treatment uses Thalgo products and starts with The Vanilla Island’s exotic body scrub that contains vanilla pod, coconut shells, Bora Bora white sand, marine salts and Tahitian vanilla. Next, experience Bora Bora Island’s Mahana massage. Slow yet powerful this helps relax the muscles. And now comes the exciting bit — Mahini Lagoon’s soothing bath where you are covered in gold flakes and brown algae extracts. Finally the Raiatea Island’s sacred oil is dabbed on and it ends with a dip in the Jacuzzi. When you walk out, you feel like a star with the gold dust still shimmering on you.

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: Rs. 4,500 plus taxes

Ph: 30004777

Siddh Spa, Hyatt Regency

Treatment: Ananya package

Here, the therapists blend products made with the guidance of Siddha practitioners. The ingredients include extracts of roots, herbs and flowers, precious metals and mineral salts. This particular therapy combines a pottanam, a chandana wrap and a restorative facial. You can choose your state of being — Vatham, Pitham or Kapham. First you are slathered in a paste comprising herbs, pulses and flowers in a milk base along with mineral mud...this helps cool the body. Bundled with herbs and plants the poultice is rubbed over the body to provide heat to the muscles and tissues. When the body is getting attended to why should the face that does all the smiling, talking and looking pretty be left behind? The Siddha restorativefacial is supposed to restore, brighten and energise the skin.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: Rs. 8,202 plus taxes

Ph: 61001234

Jiva Spa,Taj Club House

Name: Trupti

What is it: This massage aims at giving a good night's sleep, so it isn’t a surprise if you find yourself in a somnolent state while the process is on. After a relaxing Indian head massage and soothing back massage using essential oils, you feel like a crisp shirt with all its creases ironed out. And then it’s time for the feet to get some attention too. The sublime sole massage can add a spring to your step.

Duration: 120 minutes

Price: Rs. 4,850 plus taxes

Ph: 66313131