Gourmet Grace, a speciality food store, is a one- stop- shop for food buffs in Kochi

“Wife happy” reads a comment in the visitor's book of the newly opened food store, Gourmet Grace, at Thykoodam on the NH Bypass road. The store actually makes a lot of people happy especially food buffs. For food products is what the store stocks. But it goes a notch higher than regular food stores and stocks a wide range of imported products. Ingredients for Italian, Chinese, Thai and Continental cuisine are available, says P.T. Antony, the man behind this concept of an exclusive food store. Catering to the demand of a growing cosmopolitan metro, which has a substantial population of foreigners and Malayalis who travel and live abroad, the store caters to their food needs. A pasta, why not? A Tom Yam soup, why not? Brocolli, Bassa, Basil… yes, why not made in our kitchens at home, is the reason for this unique store. And as the city opens up to newer tastes and yet newer lifestyles, as people experiment from the traditional foods to the contemporary culinary cuisines, Gourmet Grace fits in wonderfully in the scheme of things.

But the store is simply not for imported food stuff, as Antony clarifies. He believes that he cannot sustain by such exclusivity yet and that the needs of a regular kitchen too has been attended to, so pulses, masalas, rice…too are there for the asking. Fresh fruits and vegetables brought from Ooty, Bangalore and Pune are stocked well. Curly lettuce, parsley, Chinese cabbage and a host of greens and English vegetables….French beans, butter beans, baby potatoes, shallots amidst more variety of veggies. Fresh fruits like red plums from Ooty are available. And choices are plenty. On the cheese platter are French, Danish, Swiss cheeses, with Mascarpone and Parmesan being the favourites of customers here, says Antony. Chips, wafers, Diet drinks, imported sauces etc are available and if there is something missing from your list there's a product register where you can order your product. It will be sourced and you will be intimated. And that list too had queries for treacle, imported yeast, small cartons of fresh cream etc and lots of ‘thank yous' from clients for the service.

Speciality meat cuts

Speciality meat cuts and fish cuts are available with more variety in the offing. Imported ice cream too is on the cards, so look forward to more on the menu of this speciality food store.

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