It is perhaps an extension of Murphy’s Law that when you find the perfect pair of jeans, it never fits. Unwilling to forego one such coveted pair, I confidently bought it, resolving that I would shed the (un)necessary pounds.

Turning to the world wide web for a quick-fix solution proved a bad choice with a Google search for weight loss throwing up 111,000,00 results. Besides, I was looking for a solution that I could practise within the cosy confines of my home as the insufferable heat is strong enough to melt the steeliest of resolutions- including mine.

So, I literally jumped at the chance when I heard of ‘Power Yoga’. And off I went to meet N.S Sivakumar to master the art!

If you thought that yoga was all about meditations, rigid postures and chanting, then you need to try this. Power yoga is more intense, vigorous and fitness- oriented. The emphasis lies on balancing strength and flexibility.

“So what is the secret behind power yoga,” I query. “Power Yoga is more strenuous than traditional yoga. The strain is greater and thus the impact” quips the coach and demonstrated a few basic postures.

For those endowed with flabby- thighs, there is the warrior pose which involves stretching the left leg behind with the right leg at 90 degrees and both hands stretched above the head.

My legs are about to give away when his words comes as a welcome relief, “You need to remain in a pose only for 15-30 seconds and you must relax for ten seconds after each posture”.

As one of his students stretches his legs wide apart and touches the floor with one hand while the other hand is stretched overhead, Mr.Sivakumar explains the ‘triangular pose’.

“This posture helps to reduce excess flab on the hips. Excess fat always goes straight to the hips.” I nod wistfully with the I- know -what –happened- to -last -week’s -pizza –with- extra cheese-look. Sigh!

Pushing the image of tempting pizzas from my ‘mind’s eye’, I focus on the new pair of jeans and we move on to the ‘cat pose’. This feline pose is supposed to get rid of the ubiquitous enemy- the tummy.

Apart from quick weight loss, power yoga is believed to tone muscles, increase blood circulation and even relieve chronic pain.

Sivakumar’s passion for yoga is obvious when he says “All you have to do is to make yoga a habit- just like brushing your teeth every day. Just fifteen minutes. I assure you it is the best solution to a long, healthy life.”

I leave smiling. Fifteen minutes of power yoga everyday and perhaps I will fit into that jeans!

Quick facts: Power yoga is recommended for people of all ages except pregnant women, children under five and cardiac patients. It is best performed early in the morning or late at evening, four- five hours after food, and under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

N.S. Sivakumar is the Physical Education Director at Urumu Dhanalakshmi College, Tiruchi. For details contact: 9894997097


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