With Bangalore being so popular for its vibrant music scene and its umpteen nightclubs, it is safe to say that its people know how to party as hard as they work, and this in turn means Disc Jockeys play a pivotal role in Bangalore’s social circuit. On National DJ Day, MetroPlus catches up with three of the city’s most popular DJs who give us a sneak peek into what has made them who they are today.

Rohit Barker:

Inspiration to become a DJ: It was a combination of a few of the pioneers in the Indian DJ scene. Back then it was all Vinyl, and dance music wasn’t the revolution it is today. I was in awe of the power that a DJ had with music and the effect it had on a person who truly loved dance music.

Signature style of DJing: I don’t think I have a ‘signature style’. I play dance music of any genre as long as I love it. Having said that, I do play an energetic set of up-tempo tunes. And I usually bounce around like the Energiser bunny!

Success mantra for upcoming DJs: It takes a genuine love for the music. If you’re in it for the fame/glamour etc then most times you are going to be a flash in the pan. It takes a fair bit of work as well, which most people don’t see.

Favourite track of 2014: Right now I’m loving a track called ‘All These Roads’ by Sultan and Ned Sheppard.

Nikhil Chinappa:

Inspiration to be a DJ: Pearl. Every time she plays, I'm amazed at how she strings together songs I’d never have the courage to play to create a beautiful soundscape of music and emotion.

Signature style of DJing: Kamikaze — my Dj-ing style is best described in my artist biography. “His sets are moody, varied, often erratic but usually fun. Most of his sets feature frantic foot-stomping and the random flailing of arms - sometimes by him. They also feature music - the kind that has a repetitive monotonous beat and is best enjoyed at dangerous decibel levels.”

Success mantra for upcoming DJs: You have to be more than a little crazy about music and insanely hardworking. Most of all, you need to be a nice person. It’s extremely rare for a snobbish person to become a good DJ!

Favourite track of 2014: Jack (Original Mix) - Hoxton Whores & Mike Newman

Tuhin Mehta:

Inspiration to become a DJ: Seeing what good music could do for people’s moods had me hooked. The ability to brighten up somebody’s day even if they have had the darkest of days is very addictive!

Signature style of DJing: Energetic would be the word. I’m constantly reworking music on the fly and that has me moving around the console a lot. I’m just not playing one song after another, I’m always changing things to keep it interesting and engaging.

Success mantra for upcoming DJs: Stay true to your roots, be unique and never give up on the music.

Favourite track of 2014: 2014 has just started so there is some time to set a trend but I foresee a lot of hypnotic techno in 2014.