Here's how to get those washboard abs


Attach a D-handle to a high pulley.

Stand sideways to the machine, feet comfortably apart and grab the handle as shown in the picture.

Your body will be positioned in such a way that the cable movement will be downward and across the body.

Keeping your arms almost locked, pull the handle down and across the body.

Contract your abs and sides for a second and reverse the movement.

After performing the specified number of repetitions, turn to the other side and do the movement squeezing the other side of the body.


Momentum or swinging action.

Heavy weights.

Bending and extending the elbows.

Muscles targeted

Trains the rectus abdominis muscle with more impact on the obliques and intercostals.

Who benefits

Those who wish to get chiselled abs and etched intercostals.

Helps sportspersons and athletes who have a lot of twisting action in their game.