G.Prasad skeptically enters the ring and comes out safe after busting the myth on it being a dangerous sport

A chance visit to a sports shop in the city gave me an opportunity to try out the boxing gloves. After ghost punching in the air for a while, I was motivated enough to try my hand at boxing for this week’s workout.

I reached the Anna Stadium after fixing up an appointment with the boxing coach, M.K. Natarajan. It was a usual busy evening at the stadium with young players pursuing their sport of interest.

At the boxing ring, a group of youngsters were landing some good blows on the punching pad. “Punch with more power,” shouted Mr. Natarajan and the youngsters immediately unleashed a series of power-packed punches to prove their mettle.

After giving a pat on the back of one of the trainees, Mr. Natarajan welcomed me into the boxing ring. I have always thought that boxing can cause serious injuries and the first question I posed was “whether boxing is a dangerous sport?”

Mr. Natarajan flashed a smile: “It is a misconception that boxing is a dangerous sport. Even in other sports, there are chances of sustaining serious injuries. But in boxing one expects a punch and finds ways to tackle it. Protective gears have made boxing a much safer sport.”

Mr. Natarajan underlined the health benefits that result from boxing. “It is a complete exercise. While boxing you move almost non-stop and naturally your agility increases. The sport helps to build reflexes and improves concentration. A person also burns lot of calories while boxing.”

He added that the warm up exercises during training sessions include skipping, ground exercises and push-ups. These workouts help to build power and develop stamina.

“If not interested in taking up the sport seriously, it can still be a fitness regimen.”

Mr. Natarajan’s explanations removed the fear factor and boosted my confidence to return to the boxing ring again.

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