If you’re thinking about adopting a companion animal, there are many reasons to go for it. For one, pets could improve your health especially if you have a stress-prone lifestyle or career. Petting a cat or dog for a few minutes a day could lower your blood pressure, for example. With computer-based jobs taking over the workplace, we run the risk of living a sedentary lifestyle. Dogs give us a much-needed boost in this context, by demanding their mandatory two walks a day. The brisk walks cut down our chances of obesity and heart disease and give us a chance to experience fresh air.

Another plus is that they help teach children and teenagers share responsibilities and tasks and take care of their new family member. Chores like bathing, annual vaccinations and walks are best divided among both the adults and children in a household. Animals are also great companions for senior citizens or people who live alone. A pet can bring his or her humans a sense of security and chase off feelings of loneliness, if any.

As pets give their humans this constant sense of well-being, it’s only fair that potential families evaluate their readiness for a pet carefully before making a decision. If you’d like a taste of what the daily life of a pet-owner is like, consider pet-sitting for a vacationing friend or relative and get involved in following the instructions that will make your furry friend comfortable. When it’s time for the pet to go back to his home, you will know if the routine is manageable. If it is, call an animal shelter or adoption camp and sign up for a lifetime of unconditional love.

(For information on adopting a pet in Chennai, call Chennai Adoption Drive at 89393 11148)


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