Something Relevant as Baycity Lights comes with new sounds and material

Something Relevant started out as a college band (in St. Xavier’s, Mumbai). Over the past summer, when the group was writing and producing new material, they realised that the music they were creating sounded very different from the music they used to make as STR.

With an all-new lineup in place, and band members taking on different roles, the band decided to embrace the new direction and reinvent themselves as Baycity Lights. The new band plays ‘urban pop’ with a focus on the sounds of RnB and Soul.

In a telephonic interaction, band member Tanmay Bhattacherjee says: “As Something Relevant, we were definitely growing strong, having performed around the country and the world releasing two albums and numerous videos. The change came about a few months ago when our lead singer, Rohan Mazumdar made a comeback. We found ourselves drifting to newer sounds in a totally new context, with a new line-up. Since we’ve all studied music, we each found our true calling and that’s what we’re bringing to the table as Baycity Lights.”

The new name pays tribute to the city where the band lives and practices. The name was inspired by the “city lights we see through the window of an airplane while approaching our home, Bombay”.

Baycity Lights features the band in different roles. Rohan returns to vocal duties and now dons the role of lead guitarist. Stuart Da Costa switches from his bass guitar to MC/vocals/synths/fx.

Tanmay trades in his guitar for the bass while Aalok Padhye moves from percussion to keys. Ryan Sadri and Jehangir Jehangir continue to do what they do best – saxophone and drums respectively.

Talking about the name change, Tanmay explains: “If we didn’t change the name of the band, people would keep expecting us to play typical STR material and it’s unfair to have them expect something and then let them down by playing something else.”

“We’re a lot more chilled out as a band than we used to be when we were Something Relevant. Maybe that had to do with us being super energetic collegians back then. As much as we’re inspired by Jazz and Soul, there’s Groove, Hip-Hop, Pocket Bass now. And Stuart even raps.”

Ask him if the risk of having to start afresh and create a niche for themselves didn’t perturb any of them, and Tanmay responds: “It was quite difficult making the decision. But as soon as that was done, everything seemed so easy and fit in so well. People have been responding well to our music so we’re certain of having made the right decision.”

As far future plans go, “Baycity Lights will be putting out more music that’s accessible. We’re also going to launch our debut album either by the end of this year or in early 2014.”

The band will tour as Baycity Lights for the first time through October and November where they will perform eight brand new compositions including their first preview track ‘Glued’. They play at Hard Rock Café, Bangalore, tonight at 8.30 p.m.