He continues to make news after his death. Steve Jobs has kept the tech communities buzzing online last week. A new feature film “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” has been premiering across theatres with special shows, featuring a 70-minute interview which the iconic founder of Apple gave to a relatively unknown journalist, Robert Cringely, way back in 1995. This was closer to the infamous sacking of Jobs from the company he founded in 1985. In a rare instance during the interview, he discusses the sacking even to a point where he says he will get emotional if more questions are asked about it.

Coupled with the biography by Walter Issacson, which has been receiving rave reviews thus far, it looks like the Steve Jobs saga will continue to garner attention for some more time to come. Already online polls are predicting he would be theTime Man of the Year.

Diaspora co-founder dead

One of the four co-founders of Diaspora, Ilya Zhitomirskiy, is dead, according to an official blog post by the team. The 21-year-old had passed away during the weekend but no reports have emerged about the cause of death. Diaspora was launched as an alternative, last year, aggressively targeting Facebook for its privacy policy vis a vis sharing user information with third-party clients. Zhitomirskiy and three fellow students at New York University built Diaspora as a “privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network.” The social network had released its alpha version and was just about building communities. There is speculation that the youngster may have committed suicide.

Adobe for Android

Adobe has launched six new apps for the Android marketplace that are expected to signal the company’s big foray into mobile space. Adobe Touch Apps will integrate with its new cloud service Creative Cloud, offering up to 20 GB of free space for users, to complete its new mobile suite of applications. All six Apps are prices (at $ 9.99 each) and is a bit demanding on the specs: they will require the Android OS version 3.1 or above, screen size upwards of 8.9 inches and resolution at least 1280x800 pixels.

The Apps leverage is its creative suites. Adobe’s Photoshop Touch, Collage, Debut, Ideas, Kuler and Proto are currently available only for the Android marketplace. They are expected to move into the iOS platform in a while. Some tech forums see this as a big plus for Android, as it seems to be lagging behind in terms of Apps specifically designed for its native environment.

(Compiled by Karthik Subramanian)