The Narrative clip can be worn all day long and assembles photos into moments that you can see from the accompanying app

All of us have some childhood memory that sticks out more vividly than the rest. For me, it was my first day of school in XI std. I went to school as usual, only to see that a new girl had joined in. One look at her and I was floored. I had never seen anyone as beautiful. So smitten was I, that I could not concentrate on anything.

Although she spurned my love, we became really good friends in the days to come, and we are still in touch. When I remind her of the embarrassing moment when I asked her out, she maintains that she does not remember anything.

That’s when I wish I had a camera with me all the time, so I could record any moment that I might want to revisit in the future. This is what the Narrative Clip does – log moments of life in pictures.

The Clip

The Narrative Clip is a tiny camera (1.42 inch x 1.42 inch x 0.35inch), priced at $279, that is available in orange, white, and grey. This camera can be attached to almost anything – the collar of your t – shirt, your sleeve, your coat, or the strap of your bag. It clicks two photographs every minute (one in 30 seconds) of whatever is in front of you, thus creating a diary of your life.

If you wish, you can wear it all day long, and it will click photos of every moment you are up. If not, you can wear it for special events, conferences, concerts, etc. it can prove extremely useful for journalists while covering breaking stories. If you want to capture a specific moment, you just have to double click the camera’s front panel to make it click a photo at that moment, in addition to the whole set of photos it is already clicking.

A full battery runs for 30 hours, and takes about two hours to go from zero to full.

What should I do with the photos clicked?

Once you are done clicking for the day, you can transfer all your photos to the Narrative’s cloud service from your PC with the Clip’s Micro – USB port. You can keep a local copy of your photos, but 120 photos per hour, clicked by a 5MP camera, could increase the load on your storage units.

Narrative has software algorithms that enable it to pick out the most interesting images from the ones you have uploaded. Also, the ones you took manually are separated as favourites. Your photos are assembled into moments that you can see from the accompanying app. You’ll be able to see a slideshow of the best images. You can also see every single picture you clicked by tapping on one toggle switch. You can navigate through the pictures by swiping your finger.

You can share an image on various social media networks from the app. You can also download them to your phone with the tap of a button, but this feature does not work for iOS. Hopefully, it will be taken care of soon. The Android app, however, works quite smoothly.

The Android app has one hitch – you cannot share multiple photos from the same moment. You will have to restart the app every time. Since they have the same file name, the app thinks they are the same image. There is some bug in both iOS and Android apps – the time stamps are sometimes way off, but this fixes itself in some time.

Should I buy one?

You should buy one only if the whole idea clicks with you. While many people would be clamouring to order one, casual users can use it for special events and occasions. If the idea did not appeal to you, you should refrain from buying it. Maybe, sometime in the future, it will appeal to you, and then you can go ahead and buy it!

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Ayyappa Nagubandi is an entrepreneur, inventor and the co-founder and CEO of Possibillion Technologies