Even as 2014 rings in changes, here are a few things that we want Thiruvananthapuram to cherish and maintain…

The green cover

Visitors to the city have always marvelled at the green cover that makes it stand out from so many other concrete metros in the world. Leafy avenues, grand old tress and coconut palms swaying in the breeze are defining images of the city.

Heritage buildings

As the city keeps rising, blocking scenic views of the Western Ghats, hundreds of heritage buildings, cute and majestic, built in the native style are being demolished everyday. If we don’t have a comprehensive heritage policy, soon we will be able to see them only in old films.

Pond, canals, rivers and backwaters

These natural wonders give the city its green cover and a delightful topography. We still pine for the Manjalikulam pond, which was filled to make way for a fairground, an Amazhinjam canal sans all the garbage, a weed-free Parvathy Puthanar, which used to be the main waterway of the city…


What would we do without these tiny shacks, spread throughout the city, where denizens gather for piping hot tea and a ‘kadi’ and, of course, to catch up on the latest news and gossip?

Double-decker buses

They’ve been a fixture on the city streets since 1960.

As many will tell you, there’s something uplifting about watching the city go by from 20 ft up on top deck.