Accessible service centres

Other than big brands, few companies provide after-sales service. These should be within city limits so that customers can access them easily. Some companies offer these services only in metropolitan cities and hence, customers in smaller cities find it difficult. Companies should take into account their sales in each city and provide service centers accordingly. Customers should also buy goods according to the availability of service centers.

Jude Jebri Raj


Positive trend

Dissatisfied customers will inform others of their displeasure. To avoid this, the retail sector has transformed from a seller-oriented domain to a consumer-oriented one. So nowadays, all requests and complaints from clients are recorded and closely monitored until they are resolved. This is a positive trend.

Mathangi S,

Via e-mail

Educate the customer

Service is an important aspect of sales. It is more vital than attractive product features. When the product is sold, service personnel should educate the customer thoroughly about the product’s operation and it’s maintenance. This service experience will encourage customers to contact the company when after-sales services are required.

Sekaran N. K


Builds customer base

After-sales services are important for a company to succeed in today’s market. Nowadays, consumers are well-educated. They are aware of the product’s functioning and limitations even before picking it up. So the deciding factor while choosing one company’s product over the other is the efficiency of its after-sales service. Companies that have a good track record in the same are likely to have a larger customer base.

C. Rajan


Unpleasant experiences

Often, companies promise free after-sales service but charge for it later. The customer is at the loosing end in this bargain. My experiences with after-sales service have been frustrating. We call for repairs repeatedly but servicemen don’t turn up.

T. Sivaram


Good car services

Car service agencies offer the most effective after-sales service. Even after the first three ‘free’ services, these agencies continue to care for the customer during the ‘paid’ services. In fact, they even want customers to rate their efficiency and send feedback reports. It is difficult to expect such details after-sales services in other commodities.

A.Michael Dhanaraj


Survive competition

In the world of electronic goods, companies face cut-throat competition so upping their after-sales services through innovative methods is one way to sustain their business. Most electronic goods’ companies promise prompt and free after sales services at least for a short time period. Not all of them walk the talk though. So instead of using free after-sales promises as a ploy to augment sales, companies should effectively use it to widen their customer base.

M. Jeyaram