Diverse artists at Travancore Art Gallery

ARTsmart, a Trivandrum-based gallery established by Deepa Seetharam, showcased a host of astounding creations at Delhi's Travancore Art Gallery.

The canvases rendered by Thejo Menon, Jacob Jebaraj, Razia Tony, Archana Krishnamurthy, Lakshmi Srinath, B.O. Shailesh, Asma Menon and Karthik Venkataraman, in different media, adorned the gallery space, reflecting the varied art traditions the artists were trained in.

Tracing his lineage to Cholamandalam, painter and sculptor Jacob Jebaraj's multi-layered canvases bear evocative shapes that didn't result from regular brush strokes but from a squeegee used for serigraphy.

Artist-cum-fashion designer Lakshmi Srinath's minimalistic work borrows from the deep-rooted traditions of South India, whereas Thejo Menon's figurative works were simple and bright.

The gallery was established with the aim to promote artists from South India, particularly from Kerala. ARTsmart Collection is a series of exhibitions by the gallery in Delhi and so far four exhibitions have been held. The latest one, held in association with Ilango's Artspace and curated by Deepa Seetharam, recently concluded at the Travancore Art Gallery.